Ok, so I have to say that I’m so happy to present three awesome entries for our “stick your pickle sticker” contest. Surprisingly, all of the entries are sports-related. Didn’t see that one coming. Very interesting.

So here’s how voting works. A “like” counts as a vote. Get your friends to vote by sharing these pics on FB, get them to like Yum Pickles AND like the photo they’re voting for. The winner gets FREE PICKLES that I will deliver to them, personally. :) The contest officially ends at midnight, Saturday Sept. 22. So get on it! And please note that even if your name isn’t Julie Hughey, Danielle Bridges or Brett Scoggins, and you didn’t post a pic of sticking your pickle sticker, you can help out by voting and encouraging others to LIKE Yum Pickles and vote!

And, just so you know, tonight is our last GJ Farmer’s Market for the 2012 season. We will be in our usual spot near Sixth and Main from around 4:15 to 7 pm. We will also be at the last Sunday Market in Palisade on Sept. 30. Thanks for a wonderful first season and all your support, and if you’d like to stock your pantry with Yum Pickles, please stop by, as we will be taking a much-needed vacation in October.