For those of you who don’t know, the venue for our outrageously delicious pickles is the Thursday Farmer’s Market located in the metropolis of Grand Junction, CO. Here are the dates we will be offering our wares:

July 19, Aug. 2, Aug. 16, Aug. 30, Sept. 13, and Sept. 20

So, basically we’re there every OTHER week, except we managed to get an extra week at the end of the season. Yay!

The market runs from around 4:30-8:30 on Main Street. There’s free parking in the parking garage on White Avenue, which is really convenient.

Our booth is located near 6th and Main streets, on the north side of the street. We’re two spots up from the big lemon, next to the nice Alpaca folks. When we’re not there, The Zesty Moose, another fabulous Colorado Proud company, is there on our weeks off.

All our pickles are $7. The okra tends to sell out first, so if you want it, come early. Otherwise, we tend to have a steady stream of customers who have their favorite kinds of pickles. Come by and get a jar of your favorite!